Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rehoboth Sunday

Today, the Rehoboth Team shared stories from their mission trip to New Mexico during January 10-18, 2009 which illustrated how God is at work.


The team also gave the chapel which they had given twice - for Rehoboth Christian School and Zuni Christian Reformed Mission School. The chapel was about purpose and how fear of rejection can get in the way of our purpose. Jesus knows about rejection and He promises to never reject us. "I will never leave you or forsake you." Hebrews 13:6.

Question: How can fear of rejection get in the way of your purpose? How does God's provision help your purpose?

Sunday, January 18, 2009


We are all safe at home after a 29 hour van ride from New Mexico. We spent some time de-briefing and talking about things that happened and possibilities for the future.

We thank everyone that we met in New Mexico and we thank you all for the prayers. We all felt like we made many new friends on this trip. God is good!

Sunday, February 8 at 10:30am, we'll be talking about our trip with a slide show, music and stories from the week. Please come!
Monroe Community Church
800 Monroe
Grand Rapids, MI

Friday, January 16, 2009

Zuni Christian Mission School

This morning, we left before sunrise to drive about 33 miles south to the Zuni pueblo.


We did the morning chapel at Zuni Christian Reformed Mission School.

rehoboth5 013

We had an opportunity to meet with the teachers and pray with them.

rehoboth5 030

We also helped out in the classrooms for a couple of hours and then had lunch with the kids.

rehoboth5 037

After lunch, Pastor Mike Meekhof of Zuni Christian Reformed Chruch gave us a tour of the area which has a lot of poverty. The bread ovens below are a typical sight.


On the way out of Zuni we stopped (about 3 times) to take photos of this incredible mesa! Last chance to take in some of the beauty...


We are leaving at about 5 am tomorrow morning. Thank you for your prayers this week... please continue to pray for our trip home tomorrow!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Up at O'Dark Thirty

This morning, we woke up early to go out to the Rehoboth Cemetery to see the sunrise with Stanley Jim, a Navajo who works with Home Missions. It seemed like a good idea to get up and walk on the frozen solid deep red clay ruts in 16 degree temps in the dark through the frost-covered sage bushes and go up to a cemetery in the dark. It was unforgettable! We sat on the top of Resurrection Rock and listened intently as Stanley told us stories of the people and shared with us his own story of coming to know Jesus. He came back and had breakfast with us and we prayed for one another. It was such a blessing for all of us!

rehoboth4 022

The sun rose over the mountain. The little buildings on the top are hogans where the Navajo used to live. Now they are used only for ceremonial purposes.

rehoboth4 027

After breakfast, I helped out with a couple of math classes, Scott helped with history class, and Betsy worked in the kindergarten. John cleaned up the paint mess, while the other guys set up for chapel. We met before chapel and put our last thoughts together on what we wanted to say. The theme of the week was about purpose and we wanted to talk about rejection and how that gets in the way of our purpose. Betsy did an introduction and started with prayer.

rehoboth4 044

rehoboth4 049 rehoboth4 051
Scott talked a little about his own rejections and John preached about some notable Michigan people (Thomas Edison & Michael Phelps). I read Psalm 53. Jeremiah and Eric led worship with some great music.

In the afternoon, we helped at the Church Rock Academy after school program, and after supper, we went to see the Rehoboth Middle School Choir Concert, so it was another full day. Tomorrow, we are heading to Zuni. Keep us in your prayers!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Down from the Mountain

After the awesome mountain climb of yesterday, we got right back to work on painting the stage. We spent time last night talking about the climbing experience and what a high it was. We were joined in our devotions by a friend of Eric's who is a social worker for the Gallup area schools. She told us about the poverty and sad home situations of many of the kids in the area. We also learned more about the culture in our visit yesterday at the Navajo museum.

rehoboth3 012

rehoboth3 007

The photo below is a view of Church Rock on our way down from the mountain yesterday. One thing we talked about is how we can get so focused on our struggles to climb up that we forget to stand back and look at the big beautiful picture sometimes.

church rock

Here are a few more scenes from yesterday:

rehoboth2 053

rehoboth2 065
Flea Market

rehoboth2 002
Navajo Museum

This afternoon, Scott, Betsy & I helped out with the after school program while the others finished up the painting job. As I talked with a little first grade girl on the bus to the library, I heard just a bit of her sad home situation and it was heart-breaking. She was from one of the other schools in the area.

For supper, we joined the Rehoboth CRC for supper at the fellowship hall and had an opportunity to talk to more people. Soon, we will be meeting with Ron Polander who is the Executive Director here, and he will give us more of the background to Rehoboth.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Painting and More Fun...

We have packed it in these first two weekdays. Monday, we put a good afternoon into painting the stage for their new theater which is being converted from the old gym. We put a layer of primer on it, and tomorrow, we'll be painting it all black.

rehoboth 169

rehoboth 162 rehoboth 166
rehoboth 158

The way our work is lining up this week, we found that the best day to take a day for checking out the area was going to be Tuesday. So in the morning, we headed over to Window Rock, AZ.

rehoboth2 034

We had lunch in Gallup and looked at some of the pawn shops there. Then we went to Pyramid Rock with the goal of making the near 7500 foot summit by sunset. We had just over an hour to do it and they told us the hike was 1.5 hours. So we set out. Scott with his true servant heart caught a ride back to Rehoboth to prepare supper.

rehoboth2 088 rehoboth2 085

The weather here has been strange, but amazing. It's very cold at night, in the teens, and by 11 am in the morning it gets up to the 40's or near 50 (today 51). The sun is so bright and hot that we can walk around without a coat. It's strange to see the red clay mixed with snow.

rehoboth 154

The views on the way up were awesome!

rehoboth2 081

We were thrilled to make it to the summit by sunset.


Look at the awesome colors on the way down. It got dark and John & I lost the trail once, but waited for our flashlight toting traveling companions and made it safely down.

rehoboth2 109 rehoboth2 111

Monday, January 12, 2009

Starting the Week Off Right

Wow, we are blown away by the blue sky here! Remember how we only had 3% of possible sunshine in GR in December? They have 97% sunshine here!!!

rehoboth 057

Sunday, we spent the day recuperating from the 33 hour drive. We went to Rehoboth CRC in the morning where Jeremiah & Eric opened the worship with a song. We did a little hiking in the hills around the campus in the afternoon and met later that evening for a meeting, to watch the sunset and the moon rise. It was so amazing!!!

rehoboth 077

rehoboth 110

Our day was packed Monday - starting with opening the middle school chapel with songs and stories. We worked on a big painting project all afternoon, and now everyone is waiting to eat a late supper, so I have to go, but I wanted to give you a bit of our day.

rehoboth 116

See you soon!